Plaintiffs’ Counsel and Policyholders


Stratagem Advisors prides itself on its ability to advise both plaintiffs and policyholders on how to secure all the coverage they are entitled to receive.


Provide a clear understanding of insurance issues, the levers that might be available to impact insurance outcomes, and persuading insurance companies to provide the coverage and benefits to which you and your client are entitled.

For Policyholders, manage your counsel to ensure timely resolutions with appropriate efficiency.

Coordinate and ensure adoption of consistent, fair, and reasonable handling of claims and lawsuits with all insurers involved in a tower of insurance or with insurers for multiple parties.

Serve as an effective mediator, drawing on our training, subject matter expertise, willingness to engage in details, and ability to use either facilitative or evaluative approaches to conflict resolution.

Serve as a party-appointed or neutral arbitrator in matters involving professional liability, management liability, claims handling, or insurance coverage disputes.

Design and deliver customized training on a variety of topics, including communication and negotiation skills and coverage analysis.

Provide second opinions regarding merits or valuation, coverage analysis or resolution strategy.

Participate as active presenters in a mock trial or focus group to test theories and themes.

Observe and report during a trial or arbitration to provide reliable and actionable intelligence about how your case is progressing.


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