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Stratagem helps you realize your business potential through optimization of your organizational capabilities and mitigation of your high-stakes risks.


Transform Claim organizations to unlock additional competitive benefits.

  • Audit, diagnose, and prioritize opportunities for improvement
  • Select and create a plan to deploy the appropriate levers to be used to achieve potential benefits, which may include:
    • Reduction of Unallocated Loss Adjustment Expense.
    • Improved return on investment Allocated Loss Adjustment Expense.
    • Deployment of best practices and associated quality assurance processes.
    • Implementation of consistent, high-quality processes and procedures to measure and improve customer service.

Provide second opinions regarding valuation, coverage analysis or resolution strategy.

Serve as a credible, persuasive, and effective expert witness in pending or threatened litigation regarding bad faith, claims handling, coverage interpretations, litigation management or claim valuation.

Evaluate and enhance a book of business or portfolio of claims.

  • Apply our coverage acumen and ability to assess exposure to evaluate any potential new business, including books of Professional Liability, Management Liability, and Medical Malpractice business.
  • Resolve and manage high-stakes claims to prevent catastrophic exposure.
  • Identify key stakeholders, interpersonal dynamics, and factual and legal issues that inform value and are both impediments to, and likely to drive, resolution and use communication and persuasion skills to focus on resolution management.
  • Formulate and deploy a playbook to respond to and help manage a portfolio of claims arising out of systemic events (e.g. Covid; financial crisis).

Serve as an effective mediator, drawing on our training, subject matter expertise, willingness to engage in details, and ability to use either facilitative or evaluative approaches to conflict resolution.

Serve as a party-appointed or neutral arbitrator in matters involving professional liability, management liability, or insurance coverage disputes.

Design customized and turn-key training for claim organizations on a variety of topics, including communication and negotiation skills, leadership, customer service, coverage analysis and communication, investigation, and case reserving.

Report and analyze during trial or arbitration to provide reliable and actionable intelligence about how your case is progressing.

Participate as active presenters in a mock trial and focus group to help you test theories and themes.

Draft better Specialty insurance products that clarify coverage and avoid litigation.


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