David Perry and David Dwares are extraordinary lawyers and insurance professionals. I have known them both for over 30 years, first as colleagues at a law firm, later as my client representatives, and always as friends. They have deep and broad experience in both the merits of a vast array of claims across multiple substantive areas of law and insurance coverage. They are quick studies who excel at the valuation of cases and developing effective and appropriate resolution strategies. They also have strong people skills, making them masterful negotiators, communicators and team players. As one specific example, I presented David Dwares as the client witness for an insurance company in a jury trial of a rescission case. He came across as credible, sincere and everything an insurance professional should be, leading the jury to return a unanimous verdict for the insurer. David Perry grasps the critical issues in complex claims more quickly than anyone with whom I have worked, typically asking important questions and suggesting wise strategies after just a short review of the file that had not occurred to me as the outside counsel handling the matter. I could not recommend two professionals more highly.

Richard A. Simpson, Partner, Wiley Rein LLP

For a plaintiff’s firm formulating strategy to maximize coverage and settlement potential in a major case, Dwares and Perry are invaluable. They were in the trenches for years in high-stakes litigation, and then behind the scenes with insurers addressing risk and exposure issues that often never see the light of day. They’re practical,  knowledgeable and innovative. An added bonus: They’re not stuffed shirts. David and David take their work, but not themselves, too seriously.

Thomas H. Howlett, The Googasian Firm

I have spent the last 10 years working with and for David and David, and was fortunate to have been involved in an initiative they developed to enhance the strategic communication and negotiation skills of staff counsel and top claims professionals. The program that evolved asked learners to role play a tough mediation, then utilized performance feedback to craft individualized coaching and mentoring plans. The initiative was so successful it expanded into a sophisticated set of ongoing training programs delivered across continents. Creating programs that result in real change, like this one did, requires a deep competence in multiple areas of expertise. There is simply no one else in the industry who can do what they do.

Adam Boesen, Partner, Boesen Litigation Consulting

I have worked closely with David and David on a number of claims initiatives, catastrophic claim resolution strategies, and complex coverage issues, and enthusiastically recommend their work. They both have deep expertise in insurance operations and coverage, as well as complex and catastrophic claims and litigation management, and I believe that any organization would benefit from their insights. In my experience, they have always been thoughtful and thorough in their approach, helping assess problems from multiple perspectives to reach optimal outcomes, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Kristin Cardenas, Senior Healthcare Insurance Claims Executive

Having business associates you can trust is critical to any leader. I worked with David Perry and David Dwares for almost 10 years and developed total trust in their judgment, competence, leadership abilities, and most importantly their integrity. They led our Professional Liability Claims Team and established a well earned reputation for Industry Leading Excellence. Together they developed a strategic vision and an effective and efficient plan to execute that strategy. They recruited, trained, organized, and developed a team of expert Claim Professionals. They are inspirational leaders whose staff became deeply loyal to the company and to them personally.

David and David always insured the highest level of customer service. They well understood the importance of educating the customer in their complex lines of business insurance and made that education a key part of their innovative strategy. Further, they maintained strong interactive working relationships with both Producers and Underwriters to achieve consistently outstanding results.

Without any reservations I strongly endorse David Perry and David Dwares for any consulting project for which they may be considered.

George R. Fay, Executive Vice President & Chief Claim Officer, CNA Insurance (retired)

I have worked with David Dwares and David Perry for nearly two decades.  As a trial lawyer, I have come to know, value and respect their ability to assess exposure and practical litigation realities accurately and quickly in connection with a wide variety of high-stakes, complex litigation pending in state and federal courts throughout the United States.  In my experience, David and David appreciate and support the need to be well-prepared to take the right cases to verdict.  They also understand the need to develop a well-crafted strategy to resolve effectively litigated disputes that should not be tried to conclusion.  Indeed, they not only appreciate, support and understand these imperatives; they insist on them.  In my cases, I have seen David and David collaborate effectively and work well with each other, counsel, clients, opponents and other insurers with whom they work.  They personally participated in the case preparation process.  They helped develop and implement innovative and creative approaches and understood the important link between effective story-telling at trial and successful outcomes.  When they attended and observed trials, they served as an accurate sounding boards for counsel and as objective and reliable voices about how the case is proceeding.  I highly recommend David and David to those looking for assistance with the evaluation, management and resolution of high-stakes litigation or a portfolio of cases.

Wayne B Mason, Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

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