Expert Witness, Arbitration and Mediation, Trial Preparation and Monitoring

Stratagem Advisors will act as or provide the following as you litigate your case and prepare for trial:

  • Expert Witness
  • Arbitrator (party-appointed or neutral)
  • Mediator
  • Mock Trial or Focus Group Support
  • Trial Observation, Consultation and Support

As Experts, our credibility is enhanced by the fact that we only accept a limited number of engagements and we will work with any party to a dispute who we believe has a correct and supportable position—plaintiff, defendant, insurance company, or policyholder. We apply six decades of claim and legal experience to opine credibly and persuasively on claims handling, good faith, bad faith, the scope and interpretation of insurance policy terms and conditions, case/settlement valuations, and litigation management. We apply our stellar interpersonal and communication skills to formulate and deliver candid and credible opinions that are clear, understandable, persuasive, and believable for clients, judges, opposing parties, and juries.

We are trained and passionate problem solvers and dispute resolvers with experience as practitioners and insurance executives in hundreds of mediations, arbitrations, trials, and mock trials. We are particularly effective and persuasive in helping to resolve disputes that involve insurance and/or between and among insurers, including disagreements regarding coverage issues, the interaction of multiple insurance policies, claim valuation, and resolution strategy. Our attendance at your trials provides an additional set of experienced and independent eyes and ears to help you and your counsel evaluate prospects and course correct.

Claim and Coverage Evaluation and Resolution

Stratagem Advisors will aid in the following types of Evaluations and Resolutions:

  • Coverage Analysis/Persuasion
  • Evaluation of Claim Portfolio/Book of Business
  • High-Stakes Claim Resolution
  • Triggering Claim Resolution
  • Second Opinions

We will use our judgment, perspective, contacts, and experience to help you achieve the best possible outcomes, as expeditiously as possible, in your most challenging, volatile, potentially high-severity “strategic cases” and coverage disputes.

Claim Organization Optimization/Operational Improvement

Stratagem Advisors will optimize your organization’s operations by:

  • Improving Current or Building New Claim Department Capabilities
  • Claim Department Transformation
  • Interim Claim Leadership
  • Claim Vendor Selection and Management
  • Portfolio Purchases – Growth and Diversification Due Diligence
  • Product Development
  • Quality Assurance Design and Implementation
  • Litigation Management

We will efficiently audit your current state and diagnose opportunities to improve your organization, processes, and results, including the design and creation of an implementation plan to achieve improvement in customer service, technical excellence, product development, or vendor management. We will work collaboratively with you to tailor our areas of focus in a way that will be calculated to have a positive, measurable impact on your loss costs, customer service, and/or your return on ULAE and ALAE investment.

Litigation Funding Support

Stratagem Advisors will support your Litigation Funding efforts via the following initiatives:

  • Underwriting
  • Portfolio Optimization and Diversification
  • Structuring/Negotiating Financing Deals

We will introduce you to case types that may not be within your current portfolio and otherwise help your staff underwrite and structure deals that are fair and attractive to all stakeholders.

Strategic Training

Stratagem Advisors will train your teams in the following areas that are vital to your success:

  • Negotiations
  • Communications
  • Reserving
  • Coverage
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service

We deliver turn-key, innovative, and non-traditional training programs that are customized to meet the unique needs of your leaders and staff and that are presented personally by our co-founders. We draw on decades of experience as leaders responsible for the training, development, and mentoring of hundreds of lawyers and claim professionals on a variety of topics that are vital to optimizing outcomes and the client/customer experience.

Insurance Relationship Management

Stratagem Advisors will provide tested ways to enhance the following:

  • Broker Relationship Management– Claim Advocacy Support with Insurer(s) or Clients
  • Manage/Optimize Law Firm Relationship with Insurer Client – Adding/Measuring Value

We draw on decades of experience in the insurance industry to provide independent and credible evaluations of the merits and value of, and/or the strategy now in place to resolve, high-stakes, litigated claims against your client that are being defended by a Specialty insurer. We can work to persuade your client’s Specialty insurer(s) to provide your client with all the coverage they are entitled to receive. Or we can explain to your client why the position taken by their Specialty carrier(s) is fair, reasonable and correct. Our successful evaluation and resolution of countless lawsuits and claims involving towers of insurance coverage enable us to support you and your clients in ensuring that all participants in a tower of coverage adopt a fair, coordinated, correct and reasonable approach to the management of a challenging, high stakes matter.

We can leverage our experience in the roles of both lawyer and client, and our management of tens of thousands of lawsuits and hundreds of law firms defending insureds, to establish at your law firm a Quality Assurance or Client Satisfaction process to help you profitably grow your business by ensuring that you are delivering legal services that will be valued by Insurers and your clients.

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